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I believe that many friends will encounter this problem. After putting on the hearing aid, they will return to the world of sound. The communication is very clear and convenient. But watching TV can’t be heard clearly. The sound is distorted. Let us suspect that the hearing aid is broken or the hearing aid function. No.

In fact, this is not necessarily a problem with the hearing aid. Now, let us know about it~

It’s hard to notice, but in fact the sound on TV is not the same as the voice we usually chat with.

The sound in the TV has undergone electro-acoustic conversion when it is recorded and delivered. It is a processed sound. When it is played through the TV, it has already caused distortion, and then transmitted to the hearing aid via the air. The secondary signal conversion of the hearing aid is transmitted to the person. Ears.

This process is also a bit like listening to the phone. The voice of the other party is converted into a digital signal by the mobile phone, and then transmitted to our mobile phone through the base station radio waves, and then converted into a sound signal by the mobile phone, which also causes the sound to be distorted. So there will be friends who say that listening to the phone will be unclear.


That is to say, when we use a hearing aid to watch TV, the sound received by the hearing aid is a mixed sound of the sound of the TV, the reflected sound, the ambient sound, etc., and these mixed sounds affect the clarity of the sound of the listening TV.

When people chat and talk, they often communicate face to face in close proximity, and the sound is not converted by electro-acoustic, so it will be more fresh and natural.


Speaking of now, some friends will ask: What should we do to make watching TV and telephone as clear and natural as usual?

Now don’t worry about these~

XubiX, the Belton TV companion, allows you to enjoy clearer sound while watching TV shows. You can choose the volume you like and talk to your family while watching TV. In addition to the TV, the audio converter 2 can also be connected directly to the stereo and computer to deliver more joy directly to your hearing aid.

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The MFi-enabled Legend series of hearing aids help you stay connected with your loved ones and your favorite things. This feature allows you to transfer audio from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly to your hearing aid for easy phone calls or video calls. In addition to this, you can adjust the settings of the hearing aid, the volume, and select different programs according to the environment, without the need for other transfer devices. If you want to control your hearing aids more easily, you can also download the free BearPlus Smart (HearPlus) app.

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How about it, enough to force it, friends in need to quickly contact the hearing-ready fitters, experience the new wireless technology!

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