Why are weak listeners afraid of hearing aids?

for600For many Americans, hearing aids are their best choice. Especially in the digital age where technology is so developed, the instruments that improve hearing are becoming more and more advanced. But still2100Ten thousand Americans do not want to use it. The reason for some of them is simple: they can’t afford it. In the United States, the most common hearing aid costs hundreds of dollars, while the higher ones3500In the US dollar, few insurance companies are willing to pay for this. Another reason is that some people find it uncomfortable to wear hearing aids. They don’t like the feeling of stuffing their ears when they walk. Even with digital technology products, patients can’t distinguish between dialogue and background when they use it, which is a common problem in hearing aids. In addition, some people who are afraid of aging are also afraid of hearing aids. They feel that this thing is something that is used when they enter old age. They are afraid that others will look at them with the eyes of the elderly.

At present, the medical community has developed a new hearing aid for implantable patients. After many trials, experts have found that it can solve many problems. This hearing aid can transmit sound directly to the bones in the middle ear, improving the accuracy of auditory perception, allowing the wearer to accurately locate the source of the sound and distinguish between sounds in a noisy environment. But this hearing aid makes the cost of getting sound bigger. If the insurance company is not under pressure, it has to start agreeing to pay the customer’s hearing aid costs.1.5Wan Wan2Instruments that cost tens of thousands of dollars will discourage most patients with moderate or higher hearing impairment.

Another method is to replace the damaged cochlear cells, which will increase the duration of the surgery. But humans and other mammals are different from birds and lower vertebrates and cannot self-regenerate such cells. If scientists find a solution along this line of thinking, then there will be exciting new treatments. It is reported that scientists have used gene therapy for regenerative experiments in guinea pigs.

Please cherish the gift of heaven

“If you are losing your hearing, then your luck is not bad, because this is the best time,” said Zar Sivertson. She began to experience symptoms of hearing loss in her teens for unknown reasons. Severson has great enthusiasm for those things with subtitles. “This is really unbelievable. My world has not lost TV.

She said. She also cited many high-tech products, such as digital hearing aids and high-precision phones. Currently, Siverson is a member of the Hearing Impairment Association, and she has gone through a rare process of attending an event to work for the Association. “For many years, I have been resisting this reality,” said West Futson. “I always wanted to be seen as a person with no problem hearing. This is really ridiculous. “She is from24Wearing a hearing aid from the age of ten, but it took20Years to accept this fate. Is now57For the old Severson, it was a long darkness, and every few years, her hearing would suddenly deteriorate. Some time, such a thing reappeared on her. “I am desperate. Although it is not suicide, I said to myself, ‘From now on, my life has lost all its meaning.'”

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