Which is good for Guangdong hearing aids?

Guangdong hearing aids are better equipped, after the hearing aids are equipped, the main is still after-sales debugging and maintenance, choose the chain of hearing aid stores, can be better and more convenient after-sales. Hearing hearing aid discount store, national chain, all users who bought hearing aids in the store for free lifetime maintenance and debugging, in-store hearing aids2000Variety5-7fold,11The month is for Chongyang to respect the old Chongxiao. Hearing has also deliberately introduced several hundred-yuan hearing aids. The specific model price can be consulted by phone, and the reservation is limited. The number is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. You can go to the store to measure your hearing for free. The fitter recommends a suitable hearing aid according to your hearing situation, needs and budget. Customers who purchase hearing aids in the store can enjoy free lifetime debugging and maintenance services.


Hearing aids are very sophisticated high-tech electronic products that are inseparable from the daily life of hearing-impaired people. Therefore, the maintenance of hearing aids is extremely important. Especially in the hot summer, human sweat easily enters the inside of the hearing aid, affecting the use of the hearing aid, which may cause the hearing aid to become smaller or even no sound, and more serious, the internal parts will be eroded. Guangdong Hearing Hearing Aids Discount Store provides in-depth after-sales maintenance and commissioning services throughout the year to provide more care and help to the hearing impaired.

For customers who are not convenient to the store, the hearing tester will share some steps about the maintenance of the hearing aid:

1.After the end of the hearing aid, remove the hearing aid battery and clean the surface of the hearing aid eardrum with earwax and sweat with a soft, dry cloth.

2.Use a cotton swab95%Alcohol is used to clean the hearing aid battery compartment, try to avoid the cotton swab being too wet, and wipe it clockwise when wiping the battery compartment. Pay attention to the chip inside, do not use too much force to wipe.

3.Use the same95%Wipe the body with an alcohol swab. Be careful not to wipe the eardrum.

4.Pay attention to whether there are water drops in the ear canal of the hearing aid. When there are water drops, use the air pump to blow out the water beads in time and clean them.

5.Put the hearing aid into the vacuum dehumidifier to get wet.

6.Finally, the hearing aid should be placed in the drying oven and the drying box for drying and maintenance. Pay attention to the color of the desiccant and find that the color of the desiccant should be replaced in time.

Hearing aids need good maintenance to get the best results, so you must use the right method to maintain your child’s hearing aids.

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