Hearing aids that are external to the receiver are more comfortable in terms of comfort. There is no feeling of blocking the ears, and the appearance is also small. However, each person’s hearing loss is different, and the effect on the hearing aid is different. It is recommended that you try it out at a professional chain fitting center. There are many styles of hearing aids, such as cassette machine, behind-the-ear type, and in-ear type. Which kind of hearing aid is optional, according to your hearing situation, it is best to choose a suitable one.

Which hearing aid is comfortable to wear, the hearing aid is divided into the back and back machine and the custom machine and the external receiver according to the appearance. The external receiver should be comfortable to wear, the machine is small, there is no feeling of blocking the ear, the comfort is the best, but it depends on Hearing situation, it is recommended to go to the professional fitting center, choose the appropriate hearing aid, I hope my answer will help you.

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