Hearing aid, back and back, comfortable or invisible hearing aid

The back and back machine is comfortable or invisible, this is different from person to person. The invisible hearing aid is suitable for mild, moderate and partial moderate patients. The disadvantage is that the power is not big enough, it takes time to customize, and it can’t be directly auditioned. It has a certain difference from the use effect, and it is easy to block the ear. Because the machine is placed in the ear canal, It is susceptible to corrosion, grease and other corrosion, and the repair rate is high. The advantage is that the microphone is located at the external ear canal. The position of the sound naturally received by the human ear is almost the same, the sound is natural, the positioning ability is strong, and the concealment is good. The ear-back machine is suitable for any hearing loss population. The advantage is that it is powerful and easy to operate. Not easy to damage, suitable for children with growth and development, no need to customize, can be taken away at any time, the disadvantage is that the microphone is located above, easy to get wet, the auricle sound collection function can not be used, the shape is not beautiful, wearing the ear mold is easy to block the ear


Hearing patients talk about his personal feelings. I have worn both of them. I wear them on my back.10More years, the feeling for him is that the power is very large, the range of listening is very wide, but the repair rate is higher than the ear type, because it is not waterproof, in summer, sweat is easy to invade and get wet, then the ear machine comes out, Changed the ear machine, it feels very light, it is a little bit greasy in the ear for a long time, followed by the sound is not big in the back of the ear, not very flexible, the beauty is indeed much better than the back of the ear, but also sacrificed the sound, each has Advantages

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