Which brand of American hearing aid is good?

Hearing aids should choose the one that suits them, and each brand has the benefits of each brand. American Starck, Swiss Phonak, Danish Resound, and Danish are all good brands.


Foreign brands are: Odicon, Denmark Swiss Phonak, Danish Resound, Denmark only listens, Siemens, Germany American Starck, Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, simple and cheap box-type hearing aids, but the sound is not so clear; there are convenient and comfortable ear-back hearing aids, which are relatively easy for older people with slow hands and feet; It is an invisible and beautiful ear canal hearing aid, suitable for young people who need beautiful appearance. The fitting hearing aid should go to the hearing center of the professional chain to be fitted, which is more secure. You can search the nearby fitting center on the map for a better understanding.

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