Hearing aid Is there more channels, the better?

First, what is the channel

Generally speaking, it is an area where you can independently adjust the size of the sound. Hearing aid The debug software interface can be seen at a glance.

Second, why digital hearing aids need multiple channels

Normal people’s hearing curve is very flat so that the feeling of various sounds is more balanced. The hearing patterns of deaf patients are often fluctuating. In the case of hearing aids, if individual areas cannot be adjusted independently, some gains will be given, and some will be insufficient. This kind of hearing aid effect is definitely not good.

Third, the role of the channel

According to the customer’s hearing situation, the hearing aid is personalized and the customer is more satisfied. Each channel can independently adjust the size of the sound gain, inflection point, maximum output control. (The difference between the two adjacent channels is not too large).

When you compare hearing aids, Who are used to comparing? Hearing aid More channels, It seems that the more channels, The better the hearing aid. The purpose of multi-channel processing of digital hearing aids is to better match the hearing loss of different shapes..The American audiology community has done research,The optimal number of channels is4Can meet the needs of the vast majority of hearing patients. If only to satisfy the hearing curve?A four-channel hearing aid is sufficient. Recently, multi-channel hearing aids have introduced noise reduction features. Hearing aid The computer chip detects ambient noise (such as noise from computers, air conditioners, and fans) in each channel, and denoises the noise in the channel to improve speech clarity.

Generally speaking, the frequency band is a name for different frequency segments, and the channel is a sound processor in different frequency bands of the hearing aid itself. The fundamental difference between all-digital hearing aids and those simulated hearing aids that are on the verge of elimination is that different channels can be compressed with different channels, which has achieved the effect of separate compensation, because the loss of human hearing at each frequency point and segment is not the same, so you have to compensate through different channels.

If there is no channel and frequency band, then there is no difference between a hearing aid and a normal loudspeaker! In general, the more channels, the finer the compensation, the smaller the distortion of the sound heard by the patient, and the higher the clarity.

At this point, the channel is very important. modern Hearing aid In order to improve the patient’s clarity and improve the comfort level under various environmental conditions, many new concepts have been introduced in the fitting and debugging of hearing aids. Such as compression amplification, wide dynamic compression, noise reduction, speech spectrum enhancement, acoustic feedback management, wind noise management and so on.

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