Where is the expensive hearing aid?[Comprehensive finishing]

Choose high price hearing aidDoes it have a certain effect? Many elderly patients will ask this question. First, we need to analyze elderly patients with hearing loss and hearing needs.

Due to the gradual deterioration of physiological functions, the elderly have the highest hearing loss and the largest proportion of hearing aids are needed. There are two problems to be noted in the elderly hearing aids: First, hearing problems. Senile deafness is the result of the deterioration of physiological function, accompanied by the degradation of central function. Listening to the ability of the central change, greatly reducing the ability to listen and hearing, so many old people always complain that “heard no sound.”

Therefore, the hearing aids used by the elderly should have high definition, and multi-channel adjustment should be chosen from the perspective of product selection. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, many old comrades have rich and colorful life, and there are tourism, gathering, and higher demand for hearing products. It requires multi-channel noise reduction products to enhance comfort and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. The adaptability of the orientation enhances the understanding of the complexity of the environment, as well as elderly patients. Because of the bias in listening to TV or telephone through hearing aids after listening, it is also very desirable to better listen to the quality of the telephone by listening to the TV on the product. So you can choose the appropriate hearing aid Bluetooth product or hearing aid accessory to enhance the language of the above resolution. Therefore, elderly patients with hearing aid products should be based on their actual hearing loss and actual living needs, and supporting hearing aids should not be just cheap.

In addition, due to the problem of hearing loss, older people with hearing aids have more realistic expectations. – Hearing aids can help older people improve their current hearing problems and prevent them from returning to their original hearing level.

Therefore, in summary, elderly patients’ hearing aids need to choose a professional supporting center, professional accessories department to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and communicate with your accessories department, including your use environment, living habits, hearing aid budget, recommended by your accessories department Several appropriate products, at the same time audition, personally feel the effect of hearing aids. Choose the right hearing aid products to enhance your hearing and improve your quality of life.

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