Where is the noise of the hearing aid?

The noise of the hearing aid itself is very small. Most of the noises worn by the wearer hear the sound that the outside world could not hear or the whistle of the hearing aid is not tight. It can be solved by adjusting the gain data. Hope My answer is helpful to you.


After hearing loss, many subtle sounds in life have not been heard for a long time, but these sounds are indispensable in life, such as: clock ticking, walking sound, dripping sound, wind sound and so on. The hearing aid captures the sound and zooms in, sending almost all of the surrounding sound into the ear, including some “fine murmurs” that are usually ignored. The wearer suddenly hears the long-lost sound and is easily mistaken for the noise in the hearing aid. When you are advised to tell the patient that you have a voice that you don’t understand, you can ask the people around you if the voice exists. What is the sound? If this is the case, after slowly debugging, learn to adapt.36It will be fine for a month. Just wearing a hearing aid feels loud and has a murmur. It may be related to the initial wear, or it may be a hearing aid debugging problem. It is recommended to reflect the situation with your hearing aid fitter. The fitter will analyze the cause for your situation. Whether it is an adaptation problem or a hearing aid needs further adjustment.

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