When is the baby wearing a hearing aid?

For hearing-impaired infants, we should follow the principle of “early detection, early intervention”. Because before the age of three is the fastest period of brain development, it is also the most critical period for learning language. If there is hearing impairment at this stage, it will seriously affect the baby’s hearing and speech development, but also affect its psychological, intellectual and behavioral ability. And other aspects of development. For babies with confirmed hearing loss, it is recommended to wear a suitable hearing aid as early as possible, and the auditory organs can feel the sound and satisfy the needs of language learning.


6After about month, after the screening is completed, the hearing loss is determined and the hearing aid is worn. However, it should be noted that the hearing aids are slightly lower than the hospital examination results. On the one hand, the results of the hospital are always serious, and on the other hand, the hearing of children can be protected. It is necessary to help the child to choose a hearing aid as soon as possible. The more he stimulates his voice, the more he can stimulate the development of the organs in the ear of the child. If you are lucky, it is possible that the hearing loss will improve with age.

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