Many people have heard this sentence when they go to a hearing aid store or hearing Center: “hearing aids are not more expensive, but the best for their own needs.”. “How to understand this sentence? This sentence is actually ambiguous. Theoretically, the more expensive the hearing aid is, the higher the level, the stronger the function and effect. So in terms of price, 20 thousand hearing aids are better than 10 thousand ones, and 10 thousand hearing aids are better than 5 thousand ones. So many people sneer when they hear this sentence. Everyone knows that the expensive one is better. But why do many authoritative audiologists still say that? In fact, we don’t understand the meaning of this sentence. Of course, in terms of price, the more expensive the nature is, the more expensive the function is, but from the perspective of health investment, it is not so understood. We all know that investing in our own health is one of the most important investments in life, as is listening health.

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You spend money to learn English, maybe for work, maybe for studying abroad. It’s an investment. You spend money to travel, maybe to meet the world, maybe to relax, it’s also an investment. You spend money to improve your health, including < a href = "http: / / www.sqhearing. COM / tlkp / 983. HTML" target = "_blank" > hearing health < / a >, maybe for life, maybe for survival, it’s all investment. All of these investments have one thing in common: spending money to do things that are good for you and spending money to do things that are not good for you are probably rare. Since it’s all investment, it involves spending more and spending less. One of the things involved in this is income. Investment without income is public welfare. There is almost no such thing as buying hearing aids. It has not been said that a healthy listener has nothing to do with buying a hearing aid and hiding it in a cabinet as a family heirloom. The people who check the hearing aids are all in need, in other words, all of them are hearing-impaired or hearing-impaired families. When it comes to spending money, you have to weigh the benefits. Take travel as an example. If you want to go to the Great Wall for a tour, how much will you spend? It depends on your needs. If you come to travel in China, you can find a public transport and buy your own ticket to go there for a tour. If you are a foreigner, you may have to rent a bilingual tour guide. ”

This has to do with demand, and so does hearing health. For example, when a child and an old man wear hearing aids, the levels are generally very different. Children usually choose the right one, because children want to learn the language, which is the flower of the motherland and also carries the hope of the family. But the old people feel that they are old enough to hear and say that it’s good to make their lives free of obstacles, and not to suffer from dementia.

But the needs of the elderly are not the same. Some elderly people, such as old professors and highly respected people, need to be well matched, because they have to contribute to the society. In addition, some families are particularly filial. Their parents have to work hard all their lives, so that they can’t hear or hear each other’s calls when they are old. In the last few decades, they thought it was more expensive than tens of thousands of yuan. They would never choose a good hearing aid. That’s right.

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