What you need to do before buying a hearing aid

As long as you do these four things, you will be satisfied.

First, experience the key fittings in the inspection.

1Inspect the fitter. The experimental apprentice is like a doctor, saying that the older the doctor is, the more valuable it is, not the age, but the higher the level of doctors who have seen more patients with more practical experience. The same is true for the fitter. There is no more practical experience. It is impossible to have a theory. Experience is especially important for children’s fittings, because children can’t express their feelings. It is up to the actual experience of the fitter and the solid technical level to judge and choose the most suitable hearing aid for the child. This step is critical. This step is not good and directly affects all subsequent results.


A recognized fitter in the industry must be like this:(1)Have a solid and solid scientific and theoretical level, and have a qualification certificate issued by the state;(2)Have many years of practical experience. What do you think of this? Generally, like many businesses that have been operating in the local area for many years, there will be such high-quality fitters who meet the requirements.

2Have a personal experience of whether the fitting center is professional or not, and whether the fitting method is professional. The characteristics of a hearing aid medical device determine that it cannot be sold as simple as other commodities, and must be professionally fitted to be sold. Serious and responsible business, as a professional fitting center must have a good listening room, a comfortable and comfortable fitting room, advanced audiometer, hearing aid effect subjective assessment equipment sound field, hearing aid effect objective evaluation equipment real ear analyzer Wait. The professional fitting center will have a warm and comfortable reception room where the fitter will consult your medical history and check the external auditory canal. Then lead you into the soundproofing room with good sound insulation. Conduct air conduction test, bone conduction test and uncomfortable threshold test here. After the test, you will be introduced into the comfortable fitting room to explain your hearing condition. Hearing impaired solution. Here, you have a general understanding of your hearing situation.

Second, if it is a child customer, it is necessary to inspect the language training class, go to the open class of the local language training class to experience it, and chat with other children and parents.

Businesses who are good at child rehabilitation must have a language rehabilitation training service in the local area, that is, a language training class. At the same time, do you have to see if this language training class has a hearing clinic? If you have a listening clinic, you can use a variety of test methods to get the correct hearing of your child in a timely manner (to test your child differently from adults, you need more equipment and methods), and regularly evaluate your child’s hearing aids. At any time, the child’s hearing aid is in the best state of compensation. In this way, the language training will take less detours.

The scale of the language training class is a description of the strength. If it is still the language training institution designated by the local Disabled Persons’ Federation, the strength is even more unquestionable; the teacher strength is the guarantee for the child to speak, and the teacher of the listening and speech rehabilitation major can Use more professional teaching methods to train children; when training children to hear the situation is the best explanation of the language training effect, parents can observe the teacher’s teaching methods on the spot.

Third, to examine the strength of the business in the local.

The use of hearing aids, more importantly, the use of after-sales service after purchase, because you must use a continuous regular after-sales service during the use of hearing aids, that is, regular review of hearing, evaluation of hearing aid effects, free debugging of hearing aids. So whether the merchant has a lot of stores in your location, whether there is a formal technical after-sales service center, this becomes a very critical condition. Only with these two points, your after-sales service will be guaranteed, you can get timely and convenient service.

Fourth, carefully identify the purchase trap.

Carefully refurbished machines, stock machines, and discounted old price lists. Refurbished machines are machines that are sold after the old machine has been replaced. If the merchant tells you that you can recycle used hearing aids, then you should be alert to whether you bought the second mobile phone of others; the inventory machine is a machine that has been placed in the warehouse for many years, and the electronic products will age with the extension of the placement time. After five or six years of machine placement, its service life will definitely be greatly reduced, so be sure to ask the production date of the special machine; take the old price list and fake the hearing aid manufacturer has adjusted the price and use the new price list, but the merchant Still holding the old price list for sales, although it seems to give customers a big discount, the actual sales price is higher than the new price list. Be sure to read the date of the price list when you purchase.

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