What type of battery is used for the cochlea?

Hearing aids and cochlear implants are fundamentally hearing aids. The batteries used in both are also zinc-vacuum batteries, so are they consistent with the current and voltage requirements of the battery? Speaking of the speech processor of the cochlea and the processing chip of the hearing aid, the two energy consumptions are not much different; but the cochlear battery also ensures that the headpiece emits a signal, and the sensor is transmitted to the electrode to stimulate the auditory nerve, and the current requirement is higher.


A675(Hearing aid battery) The maximum discharge current is20mA;AndA675PThe maximum discharge current of the (cochlear battery) is30mAAlthough both batteries are zinc-vacuum batteries, the voltage is the same, but the requirements for capacity and performance are different. The dedicated battery voltage and current of the cochlear implant are stable and can also be used on high-power hearing aids, but it is not necessary to use a general hearing aid. On the other hand, the battery of the hearing aid is mounted on the cochlear implant, the voltage is not stable, and the discharge curve is not ideal.

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