What to do with hearing loss – how to deal with tinnitus hearing loss

Nowadays, young people often wear earphones for too long, which is one of the most direct causes of hearing loss. Therefore, it is also the most concerned thing for many young people to alleviate and prevent hearing loss. For this topic, I have a good sense of hearing with everyone to understand, what are the coups in life to prevent hearing loss?


1Keep the volume

When we usually listen to songs, we recommend that you keep the volume to a low volume for a duration of no more than 8 hours. If the listener cannot understand what is said by a person who is far away from him, or if the listener has pain or tinnitus in his ear, the sound may be too loud.

2Use an adapted headset

In-ear or headsets are recommended, preferably noise-cancelling headphones, which allow the user to clearly hear lower volume sounds. In addition, noise-cancelling headphones reduce background noise and allow users to hear lower volume sounds. People who regularly use personal audio equipment on trains or airplanes should consider using noise-cancelling headphones in these environments.


In nightclubs, discos, bars, sports venues and other noisy places, earplugs are recommended to protect your hearing. If used correctly, the earbuds can reduce the noise contact by 5 to 45 decibels, depending on the type of earbuds.

4Avoid loud noises

In places with high noise, try to stay away from sound sources such as loudspeakers, and stay in a quiet place in the venue to reduce contact noise.

5Limit the time it takes to use your personal audio device every day

Although lowering the volume can play an important role, limiting the use of personal audio equipment to less than one hour per day is more conducive to reducing contact noise.

6Pay attention to the level of hearing safety

Set the hearing security level of your personal audio device, that is, adjust the volume to a level of comfort that does not exceed the maximum volume of 60% in a quiet environment, which is also a way to keep listening to low volume.

7Let the auditory organs rest for a short time

When going to nightclubs, discos, bars, sporting events and other noisy places, leaving the hearing organs for a short break from time to time helps reduce the total duration of contact noise.

8Pay attention to signs of hearing loss

If you have tinnitus, you may have difficulty listening to high notes such as doorbells, telephone bells, and alarm bells, you may not be able to hear others (especially on the phone), or you can’t keep up with other people’s conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants or other social situations. People who suspect their hearing loss should seek help from a hearing health professional.

9Parents need to play an active role

Educate your children to protect their hearing and monitor their exposure to loud noise; parents also need to be role models for children in protecting their hearing. Especially high-risk groups such as teenagers and youth.

Sometimes it is necessary to prevent hearing loss, but also to try to change in life, away from the noise in life and the noise that has adverse effects on the ear. This is the most basic prevention method. In addition, we must pay attention to the health care and prevention of hearing and avoid Let the hearing go bad.

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