What to do if your child’s hearing decline

When you confirm that your baby has hearing loss, don’t go to hospital for medical treatment. The scientific treatment is the only way to improve your baby’s hearing. The following describes several ways of rehabilitation for reference: medical treatment: the current medical level is only effective, there is no effective treatment for the cochlea and neuropathy. Hearing impairment caused by drug poisoning may be relieved if it is treated in a short period of time.


Hearing aid hearing aid: the use of hearing aids to compensate for hearing, so that the residual hearing of children with hearing loss can reach the level of face-to-face conversation, which is the most effective way to recover children with hearing loss. Other hearing compensation methods: For children with severe hearing loss, the instrument can be used to make the child feel the sound by turning the voice into light cooling, electrode stimulation and vibration. Children who have been trained and have well-controlled nerves can also be implanted in the electronic cochlea.

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