What if the hearing aid is wet?How to deal with hearing aids

What if the hearing aid is getting wet? How does the hearing aid get wet without hurting the hearing aid? The fittings of hearing aids are introduced to you:


1Please open the battery compartment door of the hearing aid before putting it in.

2Please close the lid of the drying can.

3If the color of the desiccant is noticeably faded, it means that the desiccant has absorbed enough water and failed, and it needs to be replaced with a new one.

4When the hearing aid is not used before going to bed every day or for a long time, the hearing aid should be placed in a drying tank.

Correct drying method for hearing aids

The electronic drying box can be heated slowly, allowing the warm and dry air to surround the hearing aid for drying. Electronic boxes usually have timing functions, for example, you can choose3Hour or6It is dry in hours and will automatically close when it is reached. More advanced electronic boxes also have UV bactericidal action, allowing the hearing aid to dry out while destroying bacteria. But there is2Please note:

1The electronic drying box is not suitable for daily use. It can be used after going to a particularly humid environment or sweating a lot, or weekly.2-3Dry regularly. Because the electronics in the hearing aid are in a higher temperature for a long time, it will inevitably age.

2Remove the hearing aid battery before placing it in the electronic drying box.

Many users often encounter accidents in their daily routines, such as sweating a lot when traveling, but without a drying box. There is a very simple little trick to save the emergency: first absorb the moisture or sweat on the surface of the hearing aid, take a jar of raw rice, put the hearing aid that opens the battery compartment door on the surface of the rice, then close the lid of the jar, and then at night. Of course, this is only a temporary emergency. After that, it is recommended to ask the fitter to check or perform professional dryness.

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