What should I do if the hearing aid fails?

You can see if the battery has electricity or whether the sound hole is blocked. The general earphone sound tube type can be replaced. If it is a hearing aid movement, the microphone receiver and other important parts need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.


1Check if the battery is not available, you can replace it with a new one;

2, the sound hole or the microphone is blocked, and the sound hole or microphone can be cleaned;

3In winter, check if there is condensed water in the sound tube. If there is any, the machine will be silent. Remove the connecting tube and pour out the water.

4The machine is not regularly maintained, causing the machine to get wet;

5If it falls, it will cause damage to the internal parts of the machine and need to be returned to the factory for inspection. If you can’t judge it, you can send it to the fitting center and hand it over to the staff for repair. If necessary, return it to the factory for repair..

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