What kind of crowd is suitable for wearing invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids have advantages over other types of hearing aids, but are all hearing loss people suitable for wearing? Is there any age limit?


1Like the age, invisible hearing aids and in-ear hearing aids, the wearer’s ear canal should be developed. Therefore, young people and middle-aged are more suitable.

2Its shape is much smaller than the traditionalCICThe volume of the body portion is in the second ear canal bend, so the ear canal should not be too short or too narrow, and the middle ear is free of disease.

3Hearing loss ≤85dB(Some hearing aids can be expanded to100dB)The speech recognition rate is at a medium level, that is, you can generally understand what others are saying.

4Have a correct understanding and expectation for the hearing aid effect.

5Hearing loss type, because the sensorineural hearing loss is characterized by a decrease in speech recognition rate (ie, it is inaudible), and the severe sensorineural hearing loss is not effective after wearing.

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