Effective application of compression technology can help the fitter adjust the hearing aid more precisely, further improving the satisfaction of the fit. However, before the compression adjustment, it is necessary to define the compression concept, understand the compression technology, and master the influence of compression on the sound quality, so that the compression can be used to achieve precise adjustment.

1What is compression technology?

Hearing aidCompressionIt refers to reducing the level of sound in the environment to the hearing dynamic range of the hearing loss so that the hearing loss person can both “hear the whisper” and “tolerate the loud voice” when wearing the hearing aid.

2In what ways does the hearing aid achieve compression?

Compression can also be called automatic gain control (AGC, automatic gain control), as the intensity of the input signal changes, the compressor will control the gain of the hearing aid in real-time.

In general, a simple compression system can be divided into two types:

a.Input controlInput-controlled)

The compressor is located in front of the volume potentiometer.

b.Output controlOutput-controlled)

The compressor is located behind the volume potentiometer.

It should be noted that the volume potentiometer belongs to the component that controls the volume inside the hearing aid, regardless of whether there is a volume switch outside the hearing aid.

3, Compression of the hearing acidity can you reduce the dynamic range of hearing?

Since the hearing dynamic range of most hearing loss people is smaller than that of normal hearing, in order to make the hearing loss person both “hear and whisper” while wearing the hearing aid, the compression technology “shrinks” the auditory dynamics in the following ways. Scope, thereby indirectly expanding the audibility and satisfaction of hearing aid users.

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