What is the front ear fistula – what is the hazard of the ear fistula?

In the process of fitting the hearing aids, I found that some children have a small pit in front of their ears. For this small pit, what the guest said is “the former warehouse grain”, which indicates that the child grows up and can be rich and rich in the future. This is completely ignorant and superstitious. For the small pit in front of the ear, I have specially checked some information, knowing that this is a kind of “disease” in front of the ear, which is a common congenital malformation disease.


The anterior ear fistula is a congenital fistula “disease”. The fistula is located in front of the auricle and at the junction of the face. It looks like a “small eye”. Chinese population incidence1%-3%. A small number of people, born with a fist in front of the ear. This is a small hole that may appear anywhere around the outer ear and is exposed. It usually grows at the junction of the face and the ear cartilage. Strictly speaking, this should be considered a birth defect.1864Year Van Heusinger The professor first recorded this phenomenon, according to evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin, these small holes may be traces of the evolution of the surimi. In general, having such a small hole is not a big deal, but if it is infected or a cyst, you need to be cured. This “ear hole” is usually passed on to future generations, it may grow on one ear, or both. However, the study found that they appeared most in the right ear. In addition to the local itching, the patient sometimes squeezes white secretions that often have a slight odor around the small eyes. The fistula opening is mostly located in front of the ear wheel, and a few can be in the triangle or the ear cavity of the auricle. Congenital preauricular fistula is divided into simple type, infectious type and secretory type. Generally asymptomatic. When pressed, there may be a little thin mucus or milky white sebum-like substance spilling from the mouth, and itching is uncomfortable. Those who are asymptomatic or non-infected may not be treated. Local itching, discharge of secretions, surgical resection should be performed.

2What kind of processing principle is adopted?

1Asymptomatic ear canal: no treatment! If a small amount of secretions ooze or squeeze out, wipe it with alcohol swabs for several days.

2Repeated infection of the anterior ear fistula: If the infection is in the stage of local infection, it is necessary to first open the drainage in the clinic, change the medicine locally, and treat the infection with antibiotics. Surgical removal of the fistula tissue after the infection has subsided.

What is the ear fistula?

The operation is simple, and adults and some well-behaved children can be removed by local anesthesia. Pediatric patients need general anesthesia to remove some of the fistula tissue in a special shape, concealed, deep, the difficulty of surgery increases and the probability of recurrence is high, need to pay attention.

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