What is the difference between expensive and cheap hearing aids?

Everything in the world follows a principle: one point for a price. Although in the process of fitting, we will often tell customers that the best for you. But is this really the case? The 10,000-dollar hearing aid you feel terrible to wear, isn’t there a difference between 10,000 and 40,000?


Hearing aids have different bandwidths, channel numbers, noise reduction techniques, programs, etc. at different price points. For example, your cheap hearing aid ear canalCIC只要5000One yuan, own6Channel, environmental noise reduction,3Programs. Then change to10000When the block of the hearing aid is10Channels, crossover noise reduction,5Programs. For me, in fact, the program is more irrelevant, and the debugging is more about bandwidth and channel. Noise reduction technology is also a very powerful means of distinguishing. So choosing a hearing aid depends on your high requirements for hearing. The requirements of an elderly person who has to watch TV at home for a long time and a young person who is in need of a meeting are not the same.

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