Hearing aidWhat is the difference between a battery and a cochlear battery?

Although both batteries are zinc-vacuum batteries, the voltage is the same, but there are differences in capacity and performance requirements: common hearing aid batteries675The maximum discharge current is20mAThe maximum discharge current of the cochlear professional battery is30MA,The maximum current value of the maximum current operation of the hearing aid is generally1-1.5maThe maximum current value of the electronic cochlear work is generally1.2-1.9maThe dedicated battery voltage and current of the cochlear implant are stable and can also be used in high-power digital hearing aids, but the use of general hearing aids is a waste.


Because the cochlear battery has a larger working current, the size of the vent hole will be larger than that of the hearing aid battery. The large pores can react with a large amount of oxygen, so the self-discharge is faster after tearing off the sticker, and the use time will be faster thanHearing aidThe battery is a little shorter.

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