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  The core of all digital hearing aids is DSP (Digital signal processor), for multi-channel full numbersHearing aidIn its DSP, there are multiple independent electronic circuit units with the same structure, which are responsible for calculating and processing the sound signals of different frequency bands. Since each processing unit is processed independently of each other in parallel, it is called a “channel.” Currently, all multi-channel hearing aids use a channel to process sound signals in one band. Therefore, for all all-digital hearing aids currently on the market, the number of channels = the number of bands.

  What is a hearing aid channel?

  Single channel and multi channel full digitalHearing aidMain differenceSingle channel has no dividing line in the whole amplified curve, and multi-channel hearing aid has one or more frequency dividing lines. There are two dividing lines in the three channels. The more channels, the more convenient the adjustment of the frequency curve, the different hearing curves. The finer the compensation, the better the hearing aid effect.But if the curve of hearing loss is relatively flat, there is no need to choose a digital hearing aid for many channels. Single-channel programmed hearing aids are rarely used because of their small change in the appropriate hearing curve, but the hearing aids are not as many as the number of channels. In general, hearing aids with a large number of channels can provide more accurate sound amplification. However, the more the number of channels, the more the ups and downs in the original language (the difference in the intensity of the syllables) become flat, and the power consumption of the hearing aids increases.However, everyone is accustomed to comparing the hearing aid channels when comparing hearing aids. It seems that the more hearing aids, the better. The purpose of multi-channel processing of digital hearing aids is to better match the hearing loss of different shapes. The American audiologists have done research, and the optimal number of channels in 4 can meet the needs of most hearing patients. If only to meet the hearing curve, a four-channel hearing aid is sufficient.


Hearing curve


Hearing curve

  Recently, multi-channel hearing aids have introduced noise reduction features. The computer chip of the hearing aid detects ambient noise (such as noise of computers, air conditioners, and fans) in each channel, and noise reduction in the channel to improve speech. The clarity. At this point, the channel is very important. In order to improve the patient’s clarity and improve the comfort level under various environmental conditions, modern hearing aids introduce many new ideas in the fitting and debugging of hearing aids. Such as compression amplification, wide dynamic compression, noise reduction, speech spectrum enhancement, acoustic feedback management, wind noise management and so on.

Fit fittingHearing aidThe most important thing is not to decide what parameters, the most important thing is to find a responsible fitting center and a professional fitter, because he can help you determine your best choice, let you spend the right The input produces the most satisfactory results. You can’t be more professional than him.

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