Can two-channel hearing aids be used?

The two-channel hearing aid is divided into manual debugging and computer software debugging, which means that the high frequency and low frequency are separately adjusted and compensated. The software can be adjusted slightly better than the manual debugging, and the compensation adjustment is more detailed. Whether it can be used depends on the patient’s own residual hearing. As long as the hearing aid’s power and hearing loss match is within the adaptation range, and the hearing aid has no quality problems. If the conductive deafness is better, the neurological deafness or hearing curve changes more and the effect will be worse.


Regardless of the function of the hearing aid, it is best to detect the hearing first. The professional fitting agency can be used by a qualified hearing fitter based on the hearing condition, age, wearing history and deaf time. Otherwise, if the hearing aid does not match the hearing, it will affect the residual hearing.

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