Generally speaking, it will not fall under normal wearing conditions. If it is an ear-back machine, the ear mold can be customized by the wearer’s ear model, which is relatively stable and not easy to fall off.If it is a hidden hearing aid, also known as “custom machine” is also customized according to my own ear model, so it will not fall off when worn.

Hearing aids are always worn out, how to solve? The ear-back hearing aid first looks at the proper length of the sound tube. If it is not possible to solve the proposed ear strap lanyard (external receiver type can install the ear canal lock), another solution is to replace the earplug with the ear mold. If the in-ear hearing aid is always out, I suggest you go to the fitting center as soon as possible. The fitter will help you solve it. I hope my answer will help you.

Link:What if the hearing aid is worn out?

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