What if the child is equipped with a hearing aid and is not willing to wear it?

First of all, the child wearing a hearing aid, let the child go to the hearing aid, let him have a happy thing, such as wearing a hearing aid to start playing her favorite toy, wearing Hearing aid Start eating your favorite food, wear a hearing aid to start seeing him like the show, and the mother wearing a hearing aid starts singing to him, telling stories, washing like a meal, and wearing a hearing aid as a prerequisite for these happy things.

Second, if the child does not like to wear at the beginning, don’t just spend time, more than half an hour can slowly increase the time, happiness helps him, happy wear can win, but the happy program stops.

Let the children wear hearing aids at an early stage, develop their own habit of freely removing hearing aids, let the children know that this thing can’t be done, and the mother will be unhappy and will be embarrassed.

Also check the hearing aid ear mold, the child will wear pain when wearing the ear mold, each time the ear mold is removed, the ear is checked, the ear canal is not red, no swelling. If yes, please feel free to contact us to modify.

Concerned about whether the child’s hearing aid debugging sound is appropriate, I generally attach great importance to children wearing hearing aids before hearing test, must be accurate and complete, otherwise it can only be based on the hospital’s brainstem and multi-frequency steady-state test report, so debugging hearing aids will cause excessive Zoom in, the child is afraid of being noisy and does not want to wear a hearing aid.

When a child wears a hearing aid, it should be close to normal hearing. Don’t deliberately test him loudly, and his voice should be gentle, slow, clear, face to face, eyes open. It is very important for children to hear and learn the language.

Don’t ask your child to wear a hearing aid, listen to every word immediately, don’t ask the child to respond to the stimuli of every voice, sometimes you call him, he is focusing on other things, ignoring you, this is normal. Didn’t hear it, but the brain didn’t use the same!

Don’t worry, but be careful! Have the confidence and perseverance to help your child listen and talk!

Be careful when wearing a hearing aid to wear glasses, but don’t have too much psychological burden!

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