Hearing aidWhat does the gain in the mean?Hearing aidThe effect of gain adjustment on sound

Gain is the difference between the output and the input level, indicating the amplification function of the hearing aid. Adjusting the hearing aid gain can change the volume of the hearing aid. In the software, you can see the change of the frequency response curve. The upward shift of the frequency response curve indicates that the gain is increased. Conversely, the gain is reduced. The increase in hearing aids determines how much the hearing aid wearer can hear. Most of the initial settings are based on the target gain calculated by the hearing aid selection formula, and then fine-tuned according to the use of the hearing aid wearer during the fitting process. Some hearing aids can be divided into multiple channels and multiple frequency bands for gain adjustment; loud and small acoustic access curves are adjustable within the channel. The partial gain can also be finely adjusted in the frequency band, and adjusting the gain in the frequency band does not affect the compression ratio of the hearing aid.


The maximum sound output isHearing aidThe maximum output capability, which is the power of the hearing aid. Adjusting the “maximum sound output” will affect the sound pressure level curve of the hearing aid, and the change of the sound pressure level curve can affect the amplification of the hearing aid volume. Turning down the sound pressure level curve ensures that the hearing aid wearer will not be deafening or harsh when listening to some loud sounds; but if the sound pressure level is adjusted too low, the volume is compressed in a small range, the sound It sounds like there is no layering and it feels like the voice is changing. Therefore, under the premise of not causing deafening and harshness, the sound pressure level curve should be amplified as much as possible.

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