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The working principle of the hearing aid is simply an electronic amplifying device that converts weak and noisy sounds into clear, loud sounds to help deaf patients accurately obtain sound information. It is mainly composed of components such as a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, a battery, and various volume tone knobs. The acoustic signal is converted into an electrical signal by a microphone, and after being amplified by the amplifier, the electrical signal is restored by the receiver to an acoustic signal and transmitted to the human ear.


Wireless hearing aidThe same principle of operation, just using wireless technology to transmit signals, through wireless technology to receive a variety of sounds, is the combination of hearing aids and wireless technology. The original intention of the design is to help deaf patients get rid of the “line” control without affecting the listening effect, and to enjoy the sound world more easily, more conveniently and freely.

What are the characteristics of wireless hearing aids:

 1.The signal transmission time is fast, there is no delay and echo problem, and there is no feeling that the sound and the picture are out of sync;

 2.The sound can be directly sent from the wireless device connected to the sound source and directly transmitted to the receiver through the wireless technology, that is, in the user’s ear. Therefore, there is no sound attenuation during the transmission, and the sound obtained by the user is clear and comfortable. ;

 3.The wireless signal of the selected frequency band is less interfered by other surrounding electronic devices, and the signal transmission is stable;

 4.Realize the wireless, let the user hear nothing, get rid of any device other than the hearing aid (because of the previous one)Wireless hearing aid“The user is also required to put a sound conversion device around his neck.”

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