Many people think that deafness is a patented condition of the elderly. As the age increases, the body’s physical function deteriorates, which leads to a hearing loss that cannot be heard clearly. However, with the development of society, the emergence of noise has made younger ears more and more young, which has become a big vigilant problem among young people. Then?? In order to better help the public understand, the following authoritative scientists at the Chengdu Otolaryngology Hospital introduced to you the common factors that cause hearing loss.

1 Long-term exposure to noise pollution: often wear headphones to listen to music, learn English, the voice is very big but I don’t know it. In the long run, it causes serious damage to the tympanic membrane. The human auditory nerve is also slow to respond due to frequent super-sonic stimulation. Hearing loss.

2 Systemic diseases: autonomic disorders, lack of blood supply to the brain, pre-stroke, hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, malnutrition.

3 Eating irritating foods: Irritating foods such as alcohol, tobacco, and barbecue are also important causes of hearing loss. Too much irritating food usually causes severe irritation to the capillaries and auditory nerves of the ear.

4 Ear diseases: common ear diseases are also an important cause of hearing loss. For example, idiopathic deafness, otitis media and other diseases are not treated promptly and effectively, which will seriously damage the ear cells and directly lead to hearing loss.

5 Excessive stress: long-term work pressure is too large, the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, the inner ear is stimulated to cause paralysis and obstruction of the auditory nerve capillaries, causing blood supply disorders in the inner ear, neuroepithelial ischemia, lack of necrosis, and thus hearing The signs are falling. Patients with deafness should be diagnosed early, diagnosed early, and treated early.

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