Tinnitus is not so much a disease as a symptom. Tinnitus is a kind of voice that doesn’t exist in the outside world, but you can hear it in the ear, and only you can hear it, others can’t hear it.

Tinnitus is usually noise. There are intermittent tinnitus and persistent tinnitus. The cause of tinnitus is very complex. There are many kinds of causes that can cause tinnitus. Of course, there are still many tinnitus that can’t be found out. However, we won’t discuss the cause of tinnitus here today, but what symptoms will accompany your tinnitus.

First of all, the most common is dizziness. We can also call it vertigo. Many tinnitus patients will have vertigo accompanied by vertigo. To be honest, it causes great trouble to the patients during the treatment. Because the examination of the cause of disease is not a very simple process, it often occurs that the patients need to spend a lot of time to do all kinds of examinations before they can determine the cause of disease.

Secondly, tinnitus will be accompanied by hearing loss. After a long time, there will be deafness. In fact, tinnitus is just a precursor, because tinnitus causes hair cell damage in your ear, which affects your hearing. At the same time, you need to be clear that the hearing loss caused by hearing hair cell damage is irreversible. Therefore, in this case, you can It needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Tinnitus can also cause vomiting and insomnia. Vomiting is because you are dizzy. I believe many people who are carsick know how uncomfortable it is. After carsickness, you can vomit a large basin. So can tinnitus. If you are dizzy, you will vomit. Insomnia is actually a headache for many tinnitus patients. Once it’s a quiet night, the tinnitus sounds louder. You can’t sleep at all. Long term insomnia will have a serious impact on your daily work and life, physical and mental health.

When we find out that we have tinnitus, we should go to the hospital in the first time, and then confirm the cause as soon as possible, and then carry out targeted treatment. At present, in addition to drug treatment, the most common treatment is masking therapy and acclimatization therapy by wearing hearing aids.

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