Suitable for elderly hearing aid 

More and more elderly people are at risk of organ decline, and of course, the ears are not immune. In order to express our concern for the elderly and enable the elderly to communicate with us normally, we must provide the elderly with hearing aids suitable for the elderly, so we must understand that it is suitable for the elderly. Hearing aidWhat.

We need to understand the extent of hearing loss.

Choosing a hearing aid first determines how much power the product needs. We know that hearing aids are strictly required to be fitted, and the results of user hearing tests are required to select the right products in a targeted manner. However, most of the elderly in the field are either inconvenient in their mobility or limited in their hometown. The elderly cannot go to a formal hospital or a professional hearing aid center for hearing tests, and they have practical difficulties in hearing. How to solve it?

So we thought of some simple ways to self-test the hearing loss of the elderly at home.

Simple self-testing of old people’s hearing

The method is as follows: in a quiet room, one meter behind the old man, can not let the old man see the speaker, speak loudly with the old man, ask the old man short sentences, each sentence3-6The word is appropriate, “such as: What is your name? Have you ever eaten?…..”Read every sentence2On the side, let the old man repeat after hearing it.

1If the old man can hear and repeat the question50% Can speculate on hearing loss<70Decibel, this requires power to reach 75Decibel hearing aid is enough

2If the elderly need family members to speak loudly on their ears, they can hear and repeat the questions.50% , to prove that hearing loss is more important in light and moderate levels of hearing loss70-85Decibel needs to choose the power to reach85Decibel hearing aid is enough

3If you are on the ear side of the old man, you must be very loud and screaming for the old man to hear it, and you have to repeat it many times to understand it. It proves that the old man’s hearing is very serious, and the hearing loss is70-100Between decibels, the power required is greater than100After the decibel hearing aid has been tested above, we can select the hearing aid according to the power indicator.

Here are a few recommended, economical products that are simple and easy to use for the elderly, and suitable products for those who are not demanding and have poor economic conditions.

Ear-back hearing aid: The reason why I recommend this first is because many years of experience in fittings seem to be easier for the elderly to accept this product and the actual application effect is better. Wireless connection, worn behind the ear, can be rotated with the head, unaffected, easy to use, clear sound quality, volume and audio frequency response adjustment, users can manually adjust according to their own preferences.

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