What are the dangers of hearing loss?

Ear damage is now not only an ear disease that occurs in the elderly, but also a disease that many young people suffer. Ear damage causes a great harm to the patient’s auditory system. The most direct manifestation is the reduction of hearing. Hearing ear damage fitting experts said that ear damage will also affect and harm our daily life. The following is a detailed explanation of the harm of ear damage.

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First, interpersonal relationship

Hearing impairments in the ear loss often make it difficult for the patient to talk to classmates or relatives in school or social situations, and to be inconvenient in talking on the phone, so that there is a sense of isolation. It is easy to hear a car whistling out of a traffic accident, and because it is often unclear to others, it is easy to cause misunderstanding and affect interpersonal relationships.

Second, career development

Important business decisions are made in business meetings. If a person with a loss of ear can’t effectively talk to others or hear the speaker’s speech, they will miss or misunderstand some important messages, thus affecting business decisions and missing opportunities. , affecting business development. It will also cause great trouble to the work.

Third, physical and mental health

People’s physical health is closely related to their hearing. In a number of studies, the researchers measured the health of the elderly with ear damage and then matched them with hearing aids. After 3 months, the same measurements were made and their physical and mental health improved significantly.

Fourth, good health

Affect the development of the central nervous system’s overall balance; the auditory nerve atrophy, the hearing is more and more retarded. The language discrimination rate and expression ability of the elderly are extremely declining; the symptoms of early dementia appear: the ear damage leads to the lack of interpersonal relationship in the elderly, the character becomes lonely, weird, and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Adapt to the symptoms: sudden ear damage, toxic ear damage, old ear damage, otitis media, otitis externa, neurological tinnitus.

The above is a description of the harm of ear damage disease. Everyone knows that ear damage will seriously affect our hearing, and it is very serious in our daily life. The sense of hearing is that in daily life, everyone needs ear damage. Adequate attention, ENT diseases must be treated seriously to avoid the serious consequences of ear damage.

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