What are the correct maintenance methods for hearing aids?

Proper maintenanceHearing aid: Hearing aids are electronic products that should be maintained and maintained for daily use. This not only achieves a good hearing aid effect, but also extends the life of the hearing aid. How to maintain the hearing aid: Users should always maintain the hearing aid, moisture or accumulation of ear wax can affect the use of hearing aids. Careful maintenance and maintenance of the hearing aid can extend its life. Moisture-proof: Hearing aids should not be allowed to enter the water. Always remove the hearing aids when washing, bathing, swimming and raining. Place the hearing aid in a desiccant container (open the battery compartment door) before going to sleep every night. When the color of the desiccant changes, it needs to be treated accordingly and updated if necessary. Cleaning: Proper cleaning can improve the life and effectiveness of hearing aids. After using it every day, clean the earwax and sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth. For the ear-back hearing aid, if the sound tube of the ear mold is found to be blocked by ear wax, it should be cleaned in time. For example, there are small water drops in the ear mold sound tube, and the small water drops will be sucked out or dried.


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