What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids for the elderly?

If you have an older father at home, you usually have a feeling: talking to your father is sometimes a very difficult thing, because you have to mention your voice to the maximum. For fathers with severe hearing loss and even affecting their daily lives, hearing aids are undoubtedly a good Father’s Day gift.

What is senile deafness? Deafness is divided into two categories: conductive deafness that transmits sound to the inner ear.;The inner ear feels the sound part and the auditory nerve has a problem called sensorineural deafness. The former wearing a hearing aid can compensate the hearing part of the conduction loss, so the effect is better. The latter is more complicated, making the hearing aid less effective than the former.


Senile deafness is a sensorineural deafness, and the ability to distinguish language content is poor. The area where the sound is suitable is narrower than that of the normal person. The sound that grows slightly will feel terrible. Therefore, when the elderly wear a hearing aid, the effect of the sound reinforcement can not be improved.;It’s too big to shake up.;It is not too big to adjust, because the old man’s language ability is poor, he can’t hear what the other person is saying.

Although some elderly people do not have a good hearing aid, they can still improve their hearing after training. Points to note when purchasing and using hearing aids Generally speaking, can hearHearing aidHearing aids can be worn by deaf patients who have an enlarged voice. For the elderly who are wearing hearing aids, please consult a special audiologist or otologist before asking them for assistance and guidance. According to the results of the hearing test, select a suitable hearing aid to adapt to the individual sodium needs. When using the volume switch should be opened small, and then gradually increase, first use indoors, then use outdoors, gradually adapt, to listen to the speech of one meter away is effective.

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