Customized hearing aids are better in appearance than the back-and-back machines, and the compensation for high frequencies is also in place, but not all hearing and ear canal situations can be customized. If it is recommended to use the ear-back machine with low frequency loss, the effect will be better. In addition, if there is otitis media, the ear canal pus, running water, it is also recommended to use the ear back machine to prevent corrosion of the chip.

Customized hearing aids: for patients with mild, moderate and partial severity, according to the shape: in-ear (ITE), ear canal (ITC), deep ear canal (CIC), and super invisible (IIC). Of course, whether a custom machine can be selected or not, and what type of custom machine can be selected is related to the wearer’s hearing loss and ear canal condition. The advantage of the custom machine: the microphone is located at the outer ear canal, which is almost the same as the natural receiving sound position of the human ear. The sound is natural, the positioning ability is strong, the concealment is good, the auricle function can be utilized, and the sound collection and positioning are increased. The ear canal part is customized according to the curvature of the ear canal, and the wearing fit is comfortable. Hopefully my answer is of help to you.

Link:What are the benefits of wearing a custom hearing aid?

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