What are the benefits of separate hearing aids?

In general, the elderly have inconvenient hands and feet. If the ear canal is not easy to operate, it is necessary to wear a split type. The split type can also make a larger power demand, but there are also ear canal types that can be made with high power, but less, this is based on Divided by technology level. Traditional hearing aids concentrate the receiver and microphone in a single box. The new technology is to separate the two, the middle through the special metal wire connection, the advantage is that the sound output is more powerful, more suitable for patients with severe deafness; because the receiver and microphone are placed separately, help eliminate the acoustic feedback, avoid the sound put one’s oar in.

The separate hearing aid is also called the mini earmuff machine. It is a speaker called a horn, which is separated from the host and placed in the ear canal separately. This can prevent the microphone and the speaker from being too close to cause whistling. In addition, after the speaker is separated, the wire and the host are connected, so that the traditional three-piece ear cover is not needed, and the water can be prevented from being caused by the winter weather, resulting in silent or soft sound.

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