Behind hearing and what are some[How long can it last?]

As the average life expectancy increases, the age of deafness increases year by year, so hearing aids are increasingly increasing people’s willingness to listen. A hearing aid commonly used in the ear. ThenBehind hearing and what are the advantages and disadvantages and how long does it take?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ear-shaped hearing aids? The advantages and disadvantages of ear hearing aid are as follows:

First of all, Behind hearing and compared with the advantages of the box:

1. The ear-type hearing aid has no wires, is small in size, and is easy to hide on the hair, so it has a certain beauty.

2.No friction with clothes, reducing noise. 3. The phenomenon of low-frequency reflection enhancement of the human trunk is obviously weakened. Therefore, the technical parameters and the box-shaped ear hearing aid are better used.

3. People with higher appearance requirements, this kind of hearing aid is still too big and too conspicuous.

4. Compared with the box type hearing aid, the distance between the earphone hearing aid microphone and the transmitter is relatively close. When the installation is incorrect or the gain is large, the receiver sound is easily overflowed and the microphone is re-entered. After the second enlargement, the sound is caused by the whistle, and the hearing aids behind the ear must be customized.

Behind hearing and what is the length? Generally speaking, Behind hearing aidLife expectancy is three to five years; Of course, in some cases, its life may be longer. Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices, and their accessories and accessories are gradually worn out in the metropolis. Moreover, even if it is to be repaired, there is no material that needs to be replaced with new parts. Hearing aids are also often exposed to moisture, sweat, earwax, and sometimes even rain, hair gels, and the like. This is such a fragile precision medical device that is undoubtedly very unfavorable.

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