Ningbo Netcom, China, has been using earphones excessively for a long time, which causes serious hearing loss and has to install hearing aids. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed in the Department of Otolaryngology of Ningda Affiliated Hospital, and met a 28 year old patient Yu. He told reporters that his hearing impairment was caused by headphones.

In recent years, the number of similar patients in the outpatient department of Otorhinolaryngology of major hospitals has doubled several times, Shi boning, an expert in otorhinolaryngology of Ningda Affiliated Hospital, told reporters. Of course, in addition to electronic products, there are also drugs and factory noise.

Sleeping, headphones are still singing

Yu is from Yuyao. He told reporters that when he went to university, his friend gave him a mobile phone. From then on, he was as mad as if he loved headphones. In his spare time, he would wear earphones, either to call relatives or friends, or to listen to music, and also like to turn up the sound. Sometimes in the evening, when he is OK, he lies in bed listening to music and falls asleep. Sometimes in the middle of the night, students can’t sleep, wake him up and turn off the headphones. This continued until the second year after graduation. Later, I found a job and didn’t wear earphones at work, but I still have this hobby at work.

What I didn’t expect was that since last year, his ears seem to be a little awkward. He usually communicates with colleagues, family members and friends, but he can’t hear when his voice is a little lighter. Last year, he went to the hospital for examination and found that there was indeed a problem with his hearing, and there was a trend of deterioration.

The doctor told him that his deafness was very obvious now. He had to wear hearing aids to hear clearly. If he didn’t take measures in time, he would only be able to install cochlear implants at an older age.

There are many reasons for sudden deafness

Hu Baohua, director of the cochlear implant center of the second municipal hospital, said that most of the deafness of teenagers is caused by congenital or childhood drugs. There are many and complex reasons why adults are deaf. Among them, drug-induced deafness is the main reason; secondly, noise, such as long-term work in chemical fiber factories, cotton mills and other noisy environments, may lead to deafness; thirdly, heredity.

Director Hu specially reminded that with the extensive use of electronic products, young people who use earphones for a long time should also pay special attention. Yu is a typical case, which has a high incidence trend in recent years.

Mr. Hu said the deafness may not show up immediately. When you are in your 20s, your hearing has dropped to the same level as people in their 50s and 60s, and by their 50s and 60s, you may be deaf. Therefore, in today’s high-speed and developed electronic equipment, young people should pay more attention to the safe use, so as to avoid endless troubles.

How to prevent hearing loss in daily life

So, how can we prevent trouble in our daily life? Some experts give some suggestions.

For drug-induced deafness, the public should do the following: some of the maternal relatives who are deaf to a certain drug are absolutely forbidden to use this kind of drug in the next generation; strictly control the indications of drug use, and forbid ototoxic drugs for infants and young children; children should avoid using antibiotics casually, when they have to use them, they should choose non ototoxic antibiotics, the dosage should be small, the course of treatment should be short, and try not to give them intravenously, Avoid the combination of drugs; when using suspected ototoxic drugs, close observation and hearing monitoring shall be carried out. When conditions permit, regular blood drug monitoring shall be carried out, and the drug shall be stopped in time in case of any abnormality. During the use of antibiotics, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A and chondroitin sulfate were taken at the same time to promote the metabolism of sensory cells using a variety of nutrients, so as to protect the inner ear and prevent drug poisoning.

As for the factors in life, the expert’s suggestions are: listening to music with earphones, making phone porridge, karaoke, playing mahjong all night, staying up late to work overtime This is the lifestyle of some young and middle-aged people nowadays. However, such a way of life is unconsciously “stealing” people’s hearing. Overwork and over pressure have become the potential killers of hearing impairment for young and middle-aged white-collar workers.

Experts said that the abnormal symptoms of the ear, to timely treatment, the earlier the treatment, the better the effect. Reduce the frequency of using headphones as much as possible, and reduce the work opportunities in noisy environment.

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