Jinghao hearing experts said that nowadays, young people’s mobile phones are inseparable. They put earphones into their ears when listening to songs and watching movies. They wear them for hours. After wearing earphones for a long time, they suffer from earache, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Why does wearing headphones for a long time cause tinnitus

When wearing earphones, the external auditory meatus is tightly blocked by earphones. The sound pressure of earphones directly acts on the eardrum and strongly stimulates the cochlear organs of the human body. Even if the volume is not large and the sound stimulates the ear for a long time, the metabolism disorder of the inner ear cells and the insufficiency of blood supply and oxygen supply will also result in the damage of the peripheral receptors, which will lead to nervous tinnitus, earache, hearing loss, etc Symptom.

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How to wear headphones to effectively prevent tinnitus?

1. Adjust the volume audio below 4000 Hz.

2. The use of earphones should not exceed 1 hour each time. Adults should not wear earphones for more than 3-4 hours each day. Minors should not use earphones for more than 1-2 hours each day.

3. Choose headphones with large contact area to avoid blocking the external ear canal, and the internal pressure of cochlea is smaller than that of earphones.

4. Choose to use earphones in a quiet environment, which will cause the biggest damage to the ears. In the noise, people will consciously enlarge the volume to make the hearing impaired.

5. When wearing earphones, it can distract people’s attention to the ear by chewing, reduce the pressure on the inner ear, so as to protect the hearing and avoid tinnitus.

Jinghao hearing aid experts remind that tinnitus can also be caused by the following reasons:

1. Tinnitus can be caused by lack of sleep, excessive fatigue and emotional tension.

2. Long term work in noise environment will cause ear injury, hearing loss, tinnitus and other situations.

3. External ear diseases such as otitis, foreign bodies in the external ear are easy to cause tinnitus.

4. The symptoms of tinnitus can also occur in vascular diseases, such as dilation of blood tubules in the ear, vascular malformation, hemangioma and other diseases.

Jinghao hearing aid experts said that more and more people now have tinnitus symptoms. Most people think that tinnitus symptoms can be relieved by themselves and will be OK after the symptoms. They don’t pay attention to this. They will go to hospital when tinnitus seriously affects their lives. At this time, they may have caused irreversible hearing loss.

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