Wearing a hearing aid to make good use of your residual hearing

Residual hearing is a valuable hearing aid rehabilitation foundation and a non-renewable listening strategic resource for every hearing-impaired person.

 It is no less than the national positioning of petroleum and energy strategic materials. Therefore, the protection of residual hearing should be the hearing impaired. The top priority. The most effective way to protect residual hearing is to choose a suitable hearing aid for continuous stimulation of the remaining auditory nerve, so as not to let the damaged auditory nerve further degenerate due to the lack of sound, resulting in atrophy and apoptosis of nerve cells.

In addition, wearing a hearing aid with both ears is also an effective way to protect residual hearing. Binaural wear is not only a prerequisite for supporting the effect of the fitting, but more importantly, avoiding hearing deprivation. “Using the retreat” will cause the non-wearing ear to completely lose its hearing or speech recognition ability in a short period of time.

Listening to yourself is the only way to get the right hearing aid model, and there are no shortcuts to find. Nowadays, the application of digital technology in hearing aids makes it possible for the hearing aid rehabilitation of the hearing group. Through the continuous audition experience, there will be a model suitable for you in the middle and high-end models. Of course, the so-called “fit” is relative to each hearing impaired, because the current hearing aid technology can not help the hearing impaired to rebuild their hearing.

The so-called ear cavity effect of the hearing aid refers to the angle between the ear canal part of the hearing aid and the bottom of the ear cavity. It is considered that the ear canal of the Chinese is small, and the diameter of the ventilator of the hearing aid often cannot be reached.3 mmThe effect of this approach in solving the plugging effect in practice is limited.

After the hearing aid is opened, the real ear plugging effect is800HzThe situation will increase, because the closed cavity of the external auditory canal formed after wearing the ear mold and the vent hole constitute a resonance frequency.800HzLeft and rightHelmholzResonator. It also affects the wearing effect of the ear protectors.

There are two main aspects to the effect of vents on hearing aid performance:

  1. The effect of the internal noise of the hearing aid, the venting hole attenuates the low-frequency output of the hearing aid, and also the internal low-frequency noise of the hearing aid. For patients with hearing impairment with low-frequency hearing loss, it is beneficial to choose a larger vent when matching.
  2. Impact on the hearing aid compressor – When the hearing aid’s compressor is lowered, the patient still feels louder. This is because the sound can enter the ear canal directly through the larger venting hole without passing through the hearing aid microphone, and the sound is not attenuated.

It is our eternal pursuit to hear and hear clearly!

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