Wearing a hearing aid for age group?

There are many people,I feel older,Even if your ears are not good, you don’t need a hearing aid.,It will be fine. But wearing a hearing aid is a day’s effect.,Why not let my life in my later years be better. There is a bit today88Old man coming to the store,The family wants to give the elderly a hearing aid,The old man feels older,No need,So I don’t want to match,After persuasion,The old man finally agreed to experience it first.


According to the old man’s audiogram,Debug hearing aids for the elderly to listen,After the old man puts on,I feel very strange right away.,Why is it so noisy??It was originally in the store that I could hear the sound of the car on the road outside.,Then the family asked the elderly questions one by one.,The old man responded easily. Looking at the expression of the old man,reaction,More sensitive than when not wearing a hearing aid,The old man proposed to listen to the door.,We agree to let the old man come to the door to experience it.,Help the old man to the door,The first sentence of the old man is,There are so many sounds,The family also told the elderly about the benefits of wearing a hearing aid in the future.,Older and younger,Always willing to follow their own ideas. I told the old man,You can’t usually hear,Sometimes I don’t want to be in touch with my family.,Usually, the ear is not good, certainly not watching TV.,Getting older,The newspaper looks at the eyes again,What do you usually do at home?,Now the society is so good,I want to enjoy it.,We can’t consider wearing it.,Now works,Why not solve your own problems?,The family is also willing to communicate with you. The old man considered,Say something,Prostitute, I know that this is right.,I can hear this clearly.,I would also like,The former neighbor said badly,So I don’t want to,Then match this hearing aid with it.,I listened very well. With social development,There are many ways to change the times to help the elderly in their later years.,Caring for the elderly,Let’s move forward together.

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