Wearing a hearing aid can slow the progress of dementia by up to 75 per cent, according to a new study.

Scientists believe that keeping older people engaged and active by adopting the devices can significantly reduce age-related cognitive decline.

They followed the progress of 2,040 individuals between 1996 and 2014, asking them to complete word memory tests at various stages and monitoring the rate of decline before and after getting a hearing aid.

The research team found that while the aids did not halt or reverse cognitive decline, they slowed it down by three-quarters, meanwhile in a separate group of 2,068 who underwent cataract surgery, decline slowed by around half.

The research team at the University of Manchester in the UK said that the strong correlation between hearing aids, cataract surgery and mental deterioration means that decision makers should consider hearing and vision screening for all older people.

“These studies underscore how important it is for people to overcome barriers to hearing and vision,” said Dr. Pierce Daws.

“Why hearing and vision problems have an impact on cognitive decline. The answer is uncertain, but I suspect that hearing and vision problems may bring isolation and embarrassment, and that the level of physical activity of people may decline significantly. These factors may play a role. effect.”

“We need to overcome some obstacles-people may be reluctant to wear hearing aids because that would make them feel embarrassed, or they may feel that the sound amplification is not effective, or make them uncomfortable.”

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