Wearing a hearing aid after a single ear has no effect on wearing both ears.

Specifically depends on two ears The hearing loss situation, usually if both ears have hearing loss, it is best to have both ears at the same time. Benefits of binaural fitting: 1.Improve speech clarity and understanding in complex environments2.Identify the source of sound and improve the positioning of sound3.Protect residual hearing and guarantee speech rate4.Children’s hearing loss must be matched with both ears. First of all, only the binaural fitting can achieve the effect of stereo sound, the sound is more natural and clear; secondly, the binaural fitting has the ability to locate the sound source better, which means that the source of the sound can be easily judged. It is especially important for the personal safety of the elderly. Thirdly, the binaural fitting is effective in preventing the phenomenon of hearing deprivation. That is to say, it is used to retreat, to prevent the side of the hearing function from degrading without hearing aid, and the speech resolution is degraded. Occurs; fourth, binaural fitting, more effective inhibition of tinnitus.


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