The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia affects both our individuals and enterprises.”Resume work delay, store temporary closure, business suspension”, this is no doubt for the hearing industry, is a not small battle for survival.Talking about the impact of this outbreak on the industry, we specially visited several chain organizations, manufacturers, and experts and scholars in the listening industry to introduce the impact and impact of the outbreak on the industry from the fields of sales and management, and share their countermeasures

The primary concern of manufacturing enterprises at present is to resume work.As the industry’s most important manufacturing centre, sonova (owner of phonak and unikom), sivan and starkey are all based in suzhou (ruishanda’s factory is in xiamen).However, according to our understanding, the factories of several major brands have returned to work normally, and relevant order processing and after-sales work have begun to proceed in an orderly manner.In anticipation of retail sales, some brands have lowered their sales forecasts for the first quarter and are holding back and waiting for the most important day of the year, March 3.

Domestic hearing aid manufacturers, for this also has a similar feeling.”For the manufacturing industry, not only the sales side, the production link and the supply chain will be a greater challenge for the manufacturing enterprises to face,” said yu shi hu of xinsheng.

On the one hand, manufacturing enterprises need to reduce expenditure, to part of the project to have a “strong man off the arm” consciousness;In addition should also vigorously open source, actively explore new channels, challenges the new sales model.Yu shi lake said that so many years of continuous iteration of the new voice products, is preparing for the unknown future.”Up to now, the product has been able to complete the full functions of audiometer, automatic matching and cloud remote matching through the APP.”Xu wei of baizhu hearing, a supplier of hearing products for more than 6000 hearing institutions worldwide, is determined to accelerate the transformation speed of baizhu to B2C because of this outbreak.And the company to do more open layout, do more risk control.From a global perspective, the global layout covers the production center and the marketing center.

Mr. Yuan haoming said that the hearing industry before the end of February the short-term affirmative business fell seriously.The consumption of hearing health will not disappear. It should make up the loss of these two months before the middle of 2020.Mr Xu took a similar view, adding that demand would not disappear, but the disease would delay it.The industry market itself is not well developed, with only a market penetration rate of 5%-7%.For some demand, the outbreak may delay it, but it is unlikely to cancel demand because of short-term effects

In this very period, the hearing industry can no longer carry out business through the most traditional offline face-to-face services.In our view, this is also the perfect time to test the ability of brands and retailers to serve customers “invisibly” and reach new customers.In addition, several major brands have launched extended warranty service policies for users, special policies for the hubei market, and online training courses for examiners.Retailers should also familiarize themselves with remote matching skills.

The listening industry is in a period of change, and the epidemic is the catalyst.After this disaster, for this year’s industry future forecast, hua sheng guang hua ping expressed his views: because the country in epidemic prevention investment, investment in other aspects of people’s livelihood will naturally reduce correspondingly, the hope that hearing AIDS can enter the national medical insurance system, this year seems to be basically very difficult.It will be a pity for this year and a hope for the future

Conclusion: the surest way to protect your health and immunity from risk is to protect yourself from disease, just as human beings do.For enterprises, it is also crucial to improve their management ability and resilience to shoulder risks.As xu wei says, an epidemic can delay demand, but not eliminate it.So this outbreak could be seen as a small military parade for the listening industry before it faces even bigger reforms.

In 2020, this crisis and self-help, it is for you, in such a challenge to their performance

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