Fight epidemic since, have 4 heavyweight expert fire: zhong nanshan, li lanjuan, wang Chen, zhang wenhong.

When the public was still in panic about the virus, it was they who spoke out frequently and pointed out the direction for the prevention and control of the epidemic again and again with authoritative professional opinions.

In fact, behind each of them, there is a famous hospital, this battle against the epidemic, they are the main force in the main force

The first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university: king of respiratory department, Chinese hospital

The name of this hospital is a little long, the reputation seems to be not so thundering piercing ears, but in respiratory strength, it is the king of the country.



According to the “China hospital ranking” by the institute of medical management of fudan university, the respiratory department of guangzhou medical college has been firmly ranked the first in China since 2014.

It certainly has the power to hold the top spot, as zhong nanshan, a member of the Chinese academy of engineering and the head of a high-level expert group at the national health and fitness commission, is one of its experts.

In 2003, zhong nanshan, 67 years old, was the first to fight against SARS. He was the first to put forward that “the culprit of SARS is not chlamydia, but the virus”.

The hospital has also become the forefront of the battle against SARS in guangdong province.

Over the past 17 years, in the fight against the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, guangyi hospital is not only a designated hospital for new coronary pneumonia patients, especially critically ill patients, but also one of the earliest hospitals to send medical teams to assist wuhan.

By February 9, guangdong had dispatched 12 medical teams, including the first hospital of guangdong medical college, with a total of 1,176 personnel, to the front line of hubei to help win the battle against the epidemic.

China-japan friendship hospital: respiratory division handle player

Two days ago, and bai yansong line dialogue of academician wang Chen circle fans countless.

Academician wang Chen has given very clear and positive answers to the questions that concern us, such as the current situation in wuhan and how to judge the inflection point.

Many Internet users said that this is the highest level of analysis recently heard, concise, easy to understand

In fact, wang Chen is not only an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, but also the director of the respiratory department of the china-japan friendship hospital in Beijing.

As early as February 1, academician wang Chen led the respiratory department, emergency department and other departments of the hospital to wuhan to participate in the rescue.

As the core unit and director unit of the national respiratory clinical research center, the respiratory department of Chinese and Japanese hospitals ranks second in China.In addition to academician wang Chen, the department also has more than 10 well-known experts at home and abroad, such as professor chao enxiang, the master of Chinese medicine, who can carry the handle

In fact, as early as in the face of SARS in 2003, the Chinese and Japanese hospitals are focused on SARS patients of the hospital.

And this outbreak, they have also sent five batches, a total of 155 medical personnel to aid hubei.

Huashan hospital affiliated to fudan university: the comprehensive strength of the department of infection is NO.1 in China

Recently, a public account that is specialized in releasing epidemic prevention and control information has become popular, and the number of articles read has reached 100,000, which makes the we-media, which are in pursuit of traffic, catch up with the rest.

It is the official account of the department of infection of huashan hospital: “huashan infection”. 

People don’t just say nice things.

According to the 2018 “China hospital rankings” released by the institute of medical management of fudan university, the department of infection in huashan hospital ranks the first in the country in terms of overall strength.

This time, the huashan hospital has sent 268 medical staff, including the infection department, to fight against the xinguan epidemic in such places as wuhan jinjintan hospital, wuhan third hospital and hongshan stadium square cabin hospital.

They once completed the construction of the mobile hospital in one day, becoming the first square-cabin hospital in wuhan to receive patients, and admitted nearly 500 patients the next day.

Dr. Hua shan, who remained in Shanghai, was also studying the epidemic.

As is known to all, CT examination of patients’ lungs is very critical for the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia, but there are still few relevant literatures in China.

The doctors in the radiology department of huashan hospital sorted out a large number of case data and related literature. After five days and nights of fighting, they finally completed the paper on CT examination of pneumonia — “CT signs of new coronavirus pneumonia”.

This paper, for epidemic prevention personnel to improve the speed of diagnosis, provided a good guidance.

In addition, huashan hospital also undertook the training work of epidemic prevention and control.

They trained more than 500 medical staff, hotel staff and even rescue team members on everything from key protection procedures to precautions.

Only by ensuring the safety of these people can we win the battle against the epidemic

The first affiliated hospital of medical college of zhejiang university: academician li lanjuan is in charge of infectious disease

In the fight against the disease, the names of two old men are remembered:

One is zhong nanshan, an 84-year-old academician who is in charge of the expedition, and the other is li lanjuan, a 73-year-old academician who is a famous infectious diseases specialist and pioneer of artificial liver in China.

In 2003, she was the director of the health department of zhejiang province when fighting against SARS.

When the new coronavirus hit in 2020, the 73-year-old came under pressure to propose that wuhan be closed down.

This female academician, always in the most critical moment, with the most cool head, made the decision later proved to be the most correct.

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