Tinnitus is warning you that your hearing is hurt.

In daily life, some people will feel that there is always some sound in the ear in a quiet environment, sometimes like a cicada, sometimes like a ringtone… At first, I didn’t care, thinking that the sound would naturally disappear after a while. One week, two weeks… One month has passed, and the tinnitus is still there, so I will choose to see a doctor. Most people will find that high-frequency hearing has obvious damage, but they do not have the feeling of hearing loss. So, since the cochlea is damaged, why is there no hearing impairment?


More than 80% of the tinnitus is secondary to the damage of the cochlea, and the human hearing has a wide dynamic range, which can be heard.20HzTo20000Hzthe sound of. And usually, the communication between people, as long as their cochlea500HzTo3000HzThis intermediate frequency of hearing function is normal enough. Noise damage to the cochlea usually occurs early in the cochlea, so there is only high frequency hearing loss. When tinnitus appears, it is often4000HzThe above high-frequency hearing is damaged first, and does not hinder the daily listening function. At this time, the “mission” of the tinnitus is to remind the patient that the hearing is damaged, and it is necessary to take measures to protect the hearing. Otherwise, the damage will begin to “deaf”.

Noise-induced hearing damage occurs not only in factories and mines, but also in workers who work in such special environments for a long time. Nowadays, home decoration noise, entertainment noise and traffic noise have become one of the important reasons for hearing loss in urban people. Among them, entertainment noise is most easily overlooked, such as KaraOKMusical sounds in the hall, singing voices, firecrackers on festive occasions, listening to music in public places, etc., will inadvertently cause hearing damage. In the early stages of hearing impairment and for a long period of time thereafter, the main manifestation is the boring sound that persists in the ear – tinnitus.

In addition, the cochlear blood circulation caused by mental stress, fatigue, and irregular life is also a silent killer that damages the cochlea!

Early in the cochlear injury,3Within a month, by taking a break from the noise environment, taking a good rest and treating it accordingly, the damage can be repaired quickly and the tinnitus disappears. Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients do not pay attention at the beginning of tinnitus, so that they can recover from a cure. Even when the tinnitus lingering and seeking medical treatment, he still insisted that “the ear is ok” and refused to perform a careful listening function check. When early high-frequency hearing damage is not restored in time, after a few months, the cerebral cortex undergoes functional reorganization. From then on, the tinnitus will continue to be continued. At this time, the treatment is far less effective than the beginning of tinnitus.

Therefore, if you often have tinnitus, you should see a doctor as soon as possible and receive appropriate treatment.

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