Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the rapid development of various industries has made human material life richer. However, it is accompanied by various degrees of damage to the environment. One of the civilized diseases caused by human civilization is noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is also the main cause of occupational hearing loss. Because of the noise in the environment, its formation is not irresistible. In order to prevent it, it has become an important topic to understand the noise induced hearing loss.


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The process of noise induced hearing loss is very slow. According to Jinghao hearing aids, it is usually a symmetrical defect of two ears and hardly causes extremely severe hearing loss. Once no longer exposed to noise, there will be no further hearing loss caused by noise exposure. The biggest hearing loss usually occurs at about 4000Hz. Under the condition of stable noise exposure, the hearing loss of 3k, 4K and 6KHz usually reaches the maximum value in about 10 to 15 years. In addition, persistent noise exposure is more damaging than intermittent noise exposure, which gives the ear time to rest.

In terms of the prevention and treatment of noise induced hearing loss, Jinghao hearing aid website thinks that it can be generally divided into the following three aspects.

The first level of prevention refers to the prevention of noise harmful to human body. For example, use less noisy instruments and equipment, change operation methods, set up sound insulation equipment, use ear muffs or ear plugs (ear plugs, canal caps), etc.

The second level of prevention, i.e. regular hearing tests, can detect the effects of harmful mechanisms (i.e. hearing loss) at an early stage.

The third level is to prevent, improve and reduce the injury of auxiliary devices, such as selecting appropriate hearing aids, so as to avoid more injuries.

In addition to reducing the noise impact through the use of protective tools, professional audiologists should also recommend and use instruments to evaluate the noise volume in the workplace, including suggestions on hearing examination, questionnaire survey, follow-up examination, hearing protection propaganda and education, and hearing protection related equipment.

Jinghao hearing aid official website believes that due to social civilization and industrial progress, the loss of hearing caused by noise at work has become a serious social problem, which is also a major problem for human health. Long term noise will also reduce people’s work efficiency, memory, often anxiety and increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the prevention and control of noise and regular hearing examination are important topics in occupational safety.

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