Jinghao hearing experts said that tinnitus is a common clinical disease, with a high incidence, such as cicadas’ chirp, and those who are serious feel noisy and uneasy in the ear. At present, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and other therapies are mostly used in clinical treatment, but the effect is not good, so they can only solve the emergency for a while, and the disease is unstable and recurrent, forming a vicious circle to aggravate the disease, and bringing to patients in work, life, learning and psychology Come under great pressure, sink into silent sorrow. How to get out of the mistake of tinnitus treatment quickly?


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One: it’s a minor illness, which doesn’t affect food, clothing, housing and transportation

There are only a few cases of deafness and tinnitus caused by diseases of the ear itself, but more of them are about 80% of the cases caused by diseases of other parts of the body. Deafness and tinnitus are manifested in the ear, but it is actually a warning of pathological changes in other parts of the body. Ears are directly related to heart, kidney, liver, spleen and lung, and are closely related to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system, blood system and endocrine system. In order to cure tinnitus and deafness, first of all, we need to consider the treatment of primary visceral diseases, aiming at the root cause of the disease, symptomatic treatment, tinnitus and deafness can be cured.

2. Tinnitus and deafness cannot be cured

Many patients with tinnitus and deafness are delayed under the influence of the idea that they can’t be cured. Tinnitus and deafness last for many years, even 20 or 30 years. Only when they are five or 60 years old, when they have tinnitus and head roar, can they enter the hospital for treatment. And I hope I can take some medicine like a cold and get a few injections, which is not in line with the logic of treatment and rehabilitation. It has been proved that the cure rate of deafness and tinnitus can be as high as 95% if it can be found, prevented and treated as early as “three early”, and it can achieve good curative effect, less cost, short time, quick effect and no sequelae.

Three, one hundred, everything is good

After treatment, many patients recovered from deafness and tinnitus or basically recovered, their hearing improved or returned to normal, their mood was naturally happy, they had a hundred years of psychological development, they had no worries for life, they were blind and optimistic, they gave up or completely gave up their sense of self-protection, and after the treatment, they were cured


It is necessary to know that after a long time of treatment, although the symptoms of the patients are obviously improved, the nervous function is still relatively weak, and will not completely return to normal in a short time, and it needs about half a year of protective nursing process. During this period, if we do not pay attention to the prevention of the flu, abuse of antibiotics, fish and meat, drink and play cards, do not pay attention to rest, overwork, life without Regular, disturbed by noise, uncontrolled adjustment of mind, it is easy to relapse. In this way, the failure of early treatment not only causes physical pain and economic burden, but also causes certain difficulties for the treatment of doctors.

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