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Hans Pitt, a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna, warned that radiation from mobile phones can damage the inner ear. Putting a cell phone between your shoulder and neck can also increase stress and trigger tinnitus.

Researchers in Austria surveyed more than 100 people who used mobile phones and received tinnitus treatment. The survey covers types of mobile phones, frequency of calls and listening habits.

Jinghao hearing aids understand that the use of mobile phones by healthy people increases the risk of tinnitus by 37%. The risk of tinnitus increased by 71% for people who use mobile phones for more than 10 minutes a day. What’s more shocking is that the risk of tinnitus doubles for people who have used mobile phones for more than four years.

Researchers at the University of Manchester in Germany designed individualized music therapy based on the music preferences of eight tinnitus patients, and removed the matched audio of tinnitus frequency. One year after receiving the modified music therapy, subjects reported significant improvement in their tinnitus symptoms.

Jinghao hearing aids understand that tinnitus refers to the abnormal sound sense produced without any external stimulation. At present, the cause of tinnitus has not been found out in the scientific community, but the auditory cortex, which is the brain area for tinnitus patients to process auditory information, is usually damaged.

Link:Common mobile phones increase the risk of tinnitus by 37%

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