The shape of the hearing aid should vary from person to person.

First, history collection

Second, the history of hearing aid wear

I have never had a hearing aid. I have had obstacles in the last two years when I have a lot of people. I can’t listen to it in a small voice.

Third, external auditory canal examination

The binaural examination has no auricular deformity, the external auditory canal is unobstructed, there is no redness and swelling, there is less dry secretion, the electric otoscope can peek into the tympanic membrane, the light area is visible, the tympanic membrane has no perforation, no oily change, the color is white transparent, transparency it is good.


Fourth, the audition process

Because the customer is younger, the hearing of the ears is not too heavy, and the required voice is not high. Listening to the ear listening machine, the effect is good, I feel that most of the sound can be heard. It is recommended that the customer can choose the ear machine, but the customer said that he does not accidentally choose the left ear to choose an economic model.120Ear back machine. The effect is good, and the right ear is selected to be a high point.

Fifth, late tracking

It is good to return to the customer after one week. Encourage him to wear it after the adaptation period. After the adaptation period, the effect will be better. His object does not care about the shape of his machine. He can listen comfortably.

Sixth, the second return visit

After the customer took the opportunity to return to the office one month later, I felt that the left ear was much better. The original unclear conversation was now much easier.

Seven, the tester’s testimony

As a fitter, you have to communicate with a wide variety of customers. Some people have already recognized their own hearing loss, do not need any cover, can face everything. Let’s praise one of these customers together, and their frankness will also be manifested in other aspects, and will soon be successful in other aspects.

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